PAUA’s latest EP ‘For the People’ and NZ tour

Paua will be releasing their latest EP ‘For The People’ through all online outlets on September 28th, celebrating with a seven-date tour of New Zealand’s North Island.

Paua | For The People EP encompasses all of Paua’s unique signature elements which cater for the mind, body, heart & soul, something for everyone. One Life punches out the universal, yet direly underrated reality of its title, that we all only live, just once. It carries powerful lyrics that remind us of the importance of respecting this life as a journey of privilege, blessing and hope, come what may. Nothing Else Matters moves the feet with uplifting melodies and soulful positive lyrics. Interesting & catchy, it instantly creates a tuneful heartwarming vibe.

Promises and Lies, a thought-provoking track echoing the injustices of indigenous peoples. The focal points of this song convey the deep desire of people from any land, to refute, that their dispossession will ever take away that which is most precious to them; their roots. Woman Let Me Know is an edgy track with drive. Killer vocal arrangements and a dynamic horn section take the song from one banging element to a very unique soulful & sultry outro. And for the heart, Don’t Let Go is a beautiful song with distinctive warm harmonies that create an ethereal ambiance. Tasteful lyrics echo the strong desire to make love work.